Industrial, commercial and agricultural construction. Serving Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas. Pre-engineered metal buildings, design-build, construction management, general contractor, commercial and office building remodel.

Meet TCC Corporation, Leaders in Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Construction

We Believe

  • That you earn trust and respect by being trustworthy and respectable.
  • That a company's reputation is a byproduct of the character of the people that work for it.
  • That building quality projects is the result of clear and effective communication between all parties involved.
  • That a reputation is something a contractor never stops building.

To be successful in the construction industry, you have to understand the building needs of your clients by listening to them, paying attention to their needs, processing their information accurately, and responding to them with innovative solutions to their unique building requirements. At TCC Construction, we believe that:

  • The quality of the work defines the craftsman
  • By being accountable and accepting responsibility, problems and misunderstandings can be worked through and resolved effectively.

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