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Planning to Completion - TCC handles it all!

TCC can take you from the design process through to final completion of the project, including design service, pre-construction service and the construction phase.

609 Gyrfalcon Ct., Unit D / Windsor, Colorado 80550 970.460.0583

Dairy Service

TCC Dairy Service understands the unique needs of dairies. We are committed to knowing our customers and providing the services they need to ensure success.


TCC Corporation will help your company meet its individual construction needs from initial design to final interior polish-all while keeping your needs and budget first.


TCC Corporation is an experienced builder in the agricultural market. From Milk Parlors, and Freestalls to Processing Plants we will provide you with the quality and service you would expect from a contractor.


TCC Corporation has completed numerous construction projects throughout Front Range Communities. From schools and hospitals to parks, we provide you with the best in customer satisfaction.

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Let us help make your project a successTo be successful in the construction industry, you have to understand the building needs of your clients by listening to them, paying attention to their needs, processing their information accurately, and responding to them with innovative solutions to their unique building requirements. 
  • Serving Northern and Eastern Colorado
  • Western Nebraska and Kansas
  • Design Builds
  • Hard Bids
  • Team of 11 professionals
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Churches
  • Car Dealerships
  • Health Clinics
  • Dairy and Agricultural

Evans Fire Department

Evans Fire department



John Elway

John Elway

South Sherman Flex Bldg

South Sherman Flex Building

Otter Box

Ottor Box

Valley Subaru

Valley Subaru

Poudre Learning Center

Poudre Learning Center

Puritan Way

Puritan Way Office Building

Accredited Quality Contractor (AQC)

TCC Corporation is built on the principles of Quality, Integrity and Dependability.
“AQC members are required to participate in the ABC safety training and evaluation process (STEP) program at the gold or platinum level. ”
Employee Benefits
“Participants must excel in the area of employee benefits by offering both their salary and hourly employees benefits that are above or beyond the norm for the construction industry .”
“A letter is required by the training provider confirming their employees receive craft and/or management education.”
Community Relations and Outreach Activities
“AQC members provide evidence of continued community involvement and of their efforts to improve the image of the construction industry. ”
AQC members must also provide evidence of quality work through letters from clients, proof of industry awards for projects they have completed and membership in the Chamber of Commerce or like organizations.

Meet Our Team

Our company is built with experience, friendliness and proficiency
Brian Crownover Vice- President/Project Manager
Brian’s degree in Architecture and Design is very helpful on construction projects and with his job as Project Manager. Brian applies his skills to make sure the projects are on time and within budget. His 10+ years of experience allow him to run every project smoothly and safely to ensure a top of the line outcome.
Loyal Gallatin Project Superintendent
Loyal brings more than 20 years of construction experience to TCC. Loyal’s ability to effectively lead his teams to produce quality products that exceed project expectations. Loyal’s strong construction skillset and attention to detail play a huge role in each projects success. Loyal’s construction background enable him to communicate, manage and build relationships with subcontractors.
Shay Parker Superintendent/Project Manager Shay rejoins TCC’s team and brings with him 6 years of experience in project management. Shay’s attention to detail throughout the project ensure the end result is nothing short of successful. Shay’s knowledge and experience in project management over the past 10 years allow him to establish strong relationships with not only subcontractors but also Owner’s, Architects, & Engineer’s.
Ernie Crownover President/Project Executive With over 25 years of experience in Construction Management Ernie will help to ensure the project team meets client goals and objectives. Ernie brings experience, leadership, and job knowledge to the TCC team and our clients. He oversees every aspect of the construction administration and development of a strong team that provides exceptional service and product to our clients.
Steph McCormack Estimator Steph has 20 years’ experience in management. Working with a variety of teams to meet company goals. Steph has exceptional customer service skills which allow her to build relationships with subcontractors and provide a client with a quality team. Strong communication skills, providing clear direction on a project. Steph’s attention to detail and problem solving skills ensure the client receives the most efficient budget and a successful project.
Jessica Martinez Project Coordinator Jessica serves with TCC as a Project Coordinator. Working closely with Project Manager, Superintendent and subcontractors on a day to day basis, Jessica builds and establishes professional relationships with subcontractors allowing for smooth and successful projects. Jessica's communication skills, time management & attention to detail produces a smooth process for everyone. Jessica's ability to maintain customer satisfaction continues to contribute to company success.
Chad Wiley Estimator Chad serves with TCC as an estimator.  
Carrie Tow Head of Accounting Carrie joined TCC’s team in March 2017. Carrie brings with her 16 years’ experience in accounting. Carrie is well organized, reliable and keeps the accounting department running efficiently. She is extremely adaptable and able to handle the changes that arise within the company. Carrie has built strong relationships with our clients, subcontractors and team. Carrie has an openness to learning and maintains high standards with her work.